CELTA Course Overview

The CELTA course covers 5 topics:

  • Topic 1 : Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
  • Topic 2 : Language analysis and awareness
  • Topic 3 : Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Topic 4 : Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
  • Topic 5 : Developing teaching skills and professionalism

CELTA Course Outline:

The CELTA course will have a minimum of 120 contact hours including:

  • Input
  • Supervised lesson planning
  • Teaching practice (six assessed hours)
  • Feedback on teaching
  • Peer observation
  • Observation of experienced teachers (minimum six hours)
  • Consultation time

All participants will need to dedicate a minimum of 80 hours for the required reading, research, pre- and post-session tasks, assignments and lesson preparation.

Click here to download the CELTA Syllabus

Assessment :

All participants are assessed throughout the course, with no final examination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English, moderates each course. There are two components of assessment:

Teaching practice
You will teach for a total of six hours, working with classes at two levels of ability. Assessment is based on your overall performance at the end of the six hours.

Written assignments
You will complete four written assignments

  • One, focusing on adult learning
  • One, on the language system of English
  • One, on language skills
  • One, on classroom teaching.

To be awarded the certificate you must pass both components.

There are three grades – Pass, Pass 'B' and Pass 'A'