Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the course duration?

A. The CELTA course can be taken as a full-time or part-time. The duration of the full time course is 4 week and the duration for a part-time is 8-10 weeks. The part-time course will run on two days in a week (normally Saturday & Sunday)

Q. What are the course fee and the payment plan?

A. The CELTA course fee charged by Planet EDU is INR 1,40,000/-, including the certification fee of Cambridge English Language Assessments. The fee needs to paid in the following manner:

  • Course fee: INR 1,40,000/- (Inclusive of GST)
  • Payment Plan:
    • INR 20,000/- along with application form (non-refundable*)
    • INR 40,000/- within 3 days from the receiving of offer letter
    • INR 40,000/- after 1 week from the 1st installment or before 14th May whichever is earlier
    • INR 40,000/- 10 days before from the course start date

Q. Is there a minimum batch size to run the course?

A. At Planet EDU, the minimum batch size for any CELTA course has been fixed at 12 participants. In case the required number of participants are not registered for a course Planet EDU may decide to cancel the course and / or to merge the course with the next course date. Applicants who may wish to withdraw in such a circumstances will be provided full refund of fee paid by the applicant.

Q. Can a closed group CELTA course be arranged?

A. Yes, Planet EDU will be able to look at running a closed group CELTA course for institutions, organisations. Please get in touch with the CELTA coordinator on Email:helpdesk@theplanetedu.com , or call Toll free 1800 102 1050, or our board numbers at +91.124.468 4800

Q. Can I register online and make payments?

A. Yes, you can register online. Click here to register online and make payments.
Visit : http://theplanetedu.com/EDUproducts/celtaexam.html for more details on the course.

Q. Can I apply for becoming an Examiner?

A. Yes, the CELTA qualification entitle you to be eligible for applying for examiner for various international English Language proficiency tests and examinations such as Cambridge English Language Assessments, IELTS, TOEFL etc. However, each examination authority or board may have some additional requirements in terms of teaching experience etc., which you must check.

Q. Can I do part course, take a break and then complete the rest?

A. Normally, this is not possible. However, depending upon the stage of the course you are in, you may be considered for transfer to a future batch. Please check with the CELTA coordinator by writing an Email: helpdesk@theplanetedu.com. All requests will be taken up on a case by case basis and will be subject to approval by the Course Tutor.

Q. What assistance is available if I am coming to participate for the course from out of station or another country?

A. Planet EDU will try it’s best to provide all necessary assistance to participants coming from other cities or another country. Such support will include Visa invitation letter, assistance in finding reasonable and decent accommodation facility. However, it is recommended that the applicant writes to the CELTA coordinator by Email: helpdesk@theplanetedu.com with their specific needs and receive a confirmed response.

Q. Is there any scholarship / concession available ?

A. Planet EDU manages ‘ExtraX – recognising excellence globally’. This is platform that recognizes extraordinary talent in individuals, be it teachers, trainers, students, professionals etc. There are various entrance criteria to get benefit under ‘ExtraX’. You must write to the CELTA coordinator by Email: helpdesk@theplanetedu.com to find out various facilities and programmes on-going during a particular period.