1. Course owner: The Cambridge CELTA Qualification is owned by the Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of University of Cambridge), also referred to as “Cambridge English”

  2. Authorised centre: This refers to Planet EDU, having Centre No. IN 145, also referred as the “Centre”

  3. Eligibility: The CELTA qualification is available to individuals who meet the following minimum professional requirement (MPR):

    1. Over 18 years of age

    2. Must be able to demonstrate English language proficiency at level C1 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference)

    3. Have an awareness of language and a competence in both written and spoken English, which will enable them to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels (The recommended language level is C2 or high C1 – Grade A or B, on the CEFR.)

    4. Have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers and to complete successfully the written assignments and the assessment of practice teaching.

  1. Identification Document (ID) : The applicant must provide a copy of a valid ID along with the application form. The valid ID, would include a Passport, Voter ID card, PAN card, National UID card or a Driving License. Any other ID can be accepted by the centre on a case by case basis

  2. Arrangements for Special Needs : The Centre will try its best to arrange for the special needs (such as Visual difficulties, Hearing difficulties, Specific Learning difficulties i.e. Dyslexia) of an applicant as requested along with the application under a separate application, which must include appropriate medical documents / medical certificate from a registered practitioner. The application must also indicate in clear terms, what special arrangements are being request. The centre would try their best to make such arrangements, but do not guarantee fulfillment of such requests at all times, in which case the applicant may not be admitted to the course.

  3. Application Form & Information : Application form, completed in all respects will be considered. Incomplete applications will be rejected. The details on the application form are collected for the purposes of the CELTA course and that these details may be disclosed to, processed and stored by Cambridge English and the centre for the purpose of administration of the course and that these details may be disclosed by Cambridge English and / or the centre to an institutions or other bodies to whom the applicant submits the results of the course, for the purpose of verification. The personal details of the applicant may be processed in an anonymous form for statistical and research purposes by Cambridge English and / or the Centre.

  4. Course Booking : The application forms will be accepted by the centre on a first-come-first-served basis. Course seats are limited and the registration will close for a particular course batch, when all seats are booked or as decided by the centre. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on all candidates.

  5. Course Fee : The course fee will be provided by the centre. The fee is subject to change, as per the decisions of the Centre and would be final and binding on all candidates. No application will be processed unless the application is accompanied with the course fee in full. In case the selected dates, as provided by the applicant in the application form are no possible to allot to the applicant the applicant will be the option to choose another future date or seek full refund. Such refunds would be processed no later than 4 weeks of receipt of application from the applicant about seeking refund.

  6. Payment : Payments, for course fee can be made by Demand Draft / Pay order / Credit Card / Cash (at HDFC Bank branches) only. The Demand Draft / Pay order must be drawn in favour of “Planet EDU” payable at New Delhi. IMPORTANT : MENTION YOUR NAME, YOUR ID NUMBER, YOUR COURSE DATE on the reverse of the Demand Draft. Payment in CASH will only be accepted at all branches of HDFC Bank. Cheque payment is NOT ACCEPTED. DO NOT PAY CASH to anyone. If the applicant pays Cash to anybody, OR pays by Demand Draft drawn in another name, he / she would do so at their own risk and Cambridge English and / or the Centre will not be responsible for the same. Payment of course fee can also be made by Credit Card / Debit Card (Master / Visa) at the centre offices. However, the candidate understands and agrees to pay a handling charge over and above the course fee, incase of making payments by credit / debit card.

  7. Photograph : All applications must be forwarded with applicant’s, one recent passport size photographs (no later than three months old). IMPORTANT: MENTION YOUR NAME, YOUR ID NUMBER, COURSE DATE on the reverse of the Photographs. In case of applications submitted on-line, the applicant can upload the photograph online or provide it on the first date of the course.

  8. Applying on-line : Applications can be made online, i.e. through the Website www.celta.theplanetedu.com .The course fee can be paid by Credit Card (MASTER / VISA) or ATM / Debit Card. The candidate agrees to pay a handling charge over and above the course fee, while paying by credit card or ATM / Debit Card, if applicable.

  9. Allotment of Course Date : Course dates will be allotted, based on the choices provided by the applicant in his / her application form or as selected while completing the online registration. However, in case both dates are not available the applicant will be notified of the next available date, which if acceptable to the candidate will be allotted else the application will be returned to the candidate along with full refund of any fee paid. The centre may alter / modify / merge course dates at its sole discretion and in absence of minimum number of application on a Course date or due to any logistic / operational issues. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant. If the applicant does not want to take the course on such other date, the applicant can make a request for full refund of their fee and the application will be treated as withdrawn.

  10. Information Provided by the Applicant : The applicant takes full responsibility for the correctness of the information provided in the application form.

  11. Request for Transfer of Course Date : A request for transfer of course date to another date will be entertained if there are seats available on such other date as requested by the applicant.

  12. Request for Withdrawal / Cancellation : An applications received for withdrawal / cancellation 4 weeks before the start date will be accepted without any administrative fee and full refund would be provided. Applications received upto 2 weeks before the start date will attract a 15% cancellation charge. Cancellation requests received less than 2 weeks from the start date will attract 50% cancellation charge. No refund would be considered for applications received on the start date or after the start date of the course. However, in case of special circumstances, such as hospitalization, bereavement, accident, the centre may consider transferring the application to the next date without any charges or even consider full refund, subject to the centre receiving necessary documentation in support of the application, the centre verifying the same and the centre being fully convinced with the fact. The decision of the centre will be final and binding on the applicant.

  13. No Show : In case an applicant fails to report on the Course date, his / her application will be treated as cancelled, and the candidate will lose their full course fee and NO REFUND would be possible. The decision of the centre, would be final and binding on the applicant.

  14. Attendance, Portfolio : It is important that the applicant attends to the course sessions as per the time table and also completes their portfolio and other actives as per the direction of the course director / trainer. If a candidate fails to demonstrate the required learning evidence as required by the course, the applicant may not be able to pass the course. The portfolio and other related activities, assessments to the require standards are necessary to complete and to pass the course.

  15. Malpractices / Plagiarism : The applicant understands that it is important to produce evidence of original work and that they must not involve in practices that can be treated under malpractice or plagiarism. In an event it is found the work is plagiarized or unfair means have been used in producing the portfolio the assignments will be cancelled and will not be treated as evidence of applicant’s work.

  1. Enquiry of Results : The final course outcome in terms of passing will be communicated by the centre. If the applicant is not satisfied with their results, they may approach the centre using the appropriate re-evaluation form. This process would entail a fee equivalent to 5% of the course fee. In case there is a change in the results the fee would be refunded.

  2. Course Terms and Conditions : Once an application is submitted, it will be assumed that the applicant has read and understood all the terms and conditions herein. The terms and conditions can be modified and / or changed as deemed fit, by the centre, without giving prior notice. Such modified terms and conditions once communicated to the applicant would be applicable and binding on the applicant.

  3. Errors & Omissions : Cambridge English and the Centre will take full precautions that the course procedures, are handled to the defined standards and in the most professional manner and that, no errors or omissions are committed. However, in case any errors or omissions are reported / brought to the notice by the applicant, the same would be taken up and necessary action / remedial measures would be taken. The decision of Cambridge English and / or Centre in such case will be final and binding on the applicant. No claims or compensations of any nature would be entertained / applicable.

  4. Grievance : The applicant has the right to report any grievances they may have which they feel has impeded their performance. Such grievance must be reported using the ‘Grievance Form’, within 2 working days of such experience, failing which the grievance will not be taken up. All details as required in the Grievance Form must be completed and full details must be provided. A Grievance Committee of the Centre headed by its Chief Executive plus 3 senior members will look into the Grievance. The decision will of the committee will be communicated to the applicant within 14 working days of receipt of the grievance. The decision of the Grievance Committee would be final and binding on the applicant and the applicant will not be entitled to any compensation or fee refund.